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Quick overview
  • Double-pull non-corrosive marine grade zipper opens from the inside or outside for convenient access.
  • Marine grade polyester hook and loop sleeve allows VHF antenna(s) to remain attached when top is covered.
  • Heavy duty sewn-in adjustable strap system with double-adjust buckle allows a customized fit when the cover is secured.
  • Fit accommodates outrigger mounts, GPS and rod holders.Available in two sizes.



Quick View:  It's a new kind of T Top cover.  A T Top cover that fits all, is durable, and breathable.  No need to have a custom T Top cover made when this one simply does what you need it to do.  It's not just a T top cover for storage, as it's easy to stow and break out when you need shade, storm protection, or privacy while boating.  Read the review and see why I like this T Top cover so much!   


   Carver T Top Cover - Review

There are many types of T top cover, and one thing most have in common are that they are a pain in the ass to use if you use your boat often.  T Top covers come in different grades of material, and many claim to allow the boat to breath.  Many of my previous t Top covers seem to trap the heat and cause the boat to sweat, thus causing parts to corrode and mildew to form.  In fact, the T top cover that I had before getting a Carver T Top cover was often not put on the boat, as my rubber coated switches were dry rotting due to the intense heat and humidity under the T Top cover.

Rather than getting another useless T Top cover, I held off for years as I wanted something that didn't weigh as much, was easier to handle, quick to put on, breathable, and covered only my T Top area, which I couldn't find one that spoke to me.  I thought I was going to have to get a custom T Top cover made and have the same issues, but after some in-depth Google searches up popped Carver covers with a nice looking T Top cover that fits all.  After reading the details I decided to give this one size fits all T Top cover a try, hoping it wasn't some cheap fabric T Top cover that would rot out in a year or so.  They also made motor covers so I picked up one of those as well. 

The first thing that I noticed when my T Top cover arrived was the weight.  I didn't expect it to weigh as much as it did, not that it's too heavy to handle because it's not, just that I expected it to be very thin material and weigh less like many of the T Top covers on the market.  The material is extremely soft, and pulling on it quickly gives you a sense that it's going to be durable, at least until the Florida sun beats it down.  Installing the Carver cover was a breeze, and it took all of 2 minutes.  Now that's what I was looking for. 

The fit was perfect end to end, and vertically, it reached just to the deck as if they came out and measured.  The zipper system looks very durable, zips closed easily, and has zipper handles plenty big enough to get a good hold on.  The aft side has a thick 2 inch strip of Velcro running  across the top to allow your antenna to stick out, or whatever else needs more space.  With the zipper down, it's just a matter of looping the door flap over the antenna and pinching the Velcro together.  When the Velcro grabs, it really grabs so there's no worry of it coming undone. 

There are two tie straps that are meant to be pulled back and tied as shown in my photo, but I really don't care for that aspect, as it causes the front to raise up and the sides to raise off the deck, thus allowing wind under it.  Rather than tying it back, I use the strap on each side and tie it off to the cleats.  This holds it on straight and keeps it in form. I wish they would have added a few more areas to tie down, such as one in the front and one in the aft.  Be warned, the wind will take this off the boat and down the road, as I quickly found out.  I actually have a tie down area just below where the zipper meets the deck, so a small cord through the zopper ring has kept it secured.  The material is so soft and smooth that it's slippery when against other material, which I think comes from the material type and closeness of the thread count.  In fact, it may give 1500 count Egyptian cotton a run for softness!  Regardless, this is a good thing for durability, as less friction means it will last longer as it blows in the wind and rubs against other objects constantly. 

If you've been keeping up with my boat rebuilding project, then you know I've got some super cool products installed, some costing upwards of 10k, yet this inexpensive T Top cover is by far one of my best buys and favorite products that I put on this boat.  Rather than leaving this at home when I go boating, I fold it up and take it with me.  It compacts into a small area so it's not an issue of stowing it.  Why would I take my cover with me?  Well, to me it's more than just a cover when the boat isn't in use.  Last winter we got some unexpected rain while fishing, and I just wasn't in the mood to sit through an hour of drizzle in the cold so I covered the top and sat inside warm and dry.  The zipper works from both sides.  Sitting inside this cover is like camping in a tent, and while others were cold and wet, I was kicked back eating a sandwich and listening to music.   Likewise, I've used it in the summer months to block out the sun while enjoying the islands.  I simply roll up the flaps and leave the door open. 

You may be wondering about heat and water penetration.  As for heat, I've only seen it get as hot as the air temperature is in the shade, which is usually 10-15 degrees cooler than being in the direct sun. My boat sits in the direct sun all day, and I've gone under the cover in the middle of the day and it's impressive on how well it breaths, yet it sheds water and keeps you dry.  The only time I've seen water make it through is when it puddles up and is allowed to sit, but any breathable material will leak under those conditions.  Being that you'll have a canvas on your top, or a hard cover in addition to the Carver cover, any leaks will be around the rim of the top, thus still keeping the entire area below dry.  

I've had the Carver T Top cover on my boat now for a little over 5 years and it's still in excellent shape with no maintenance. It's been through years of high winds and nasty storms, and  sits in the sun all day long, everyday.   The color has not faded, the stitching is still looking like new, the zippers are still sliding easily with no issues, there are no rips or abrasions present,  and there is just a little bit of age signs in the feel of the fabric.  It's a little rougher, just enough to let you know the sun is trying to age it.  One area that really impressed me was my antenna mount.  The stainless handle stick up 90 degrees at rest by design, and I was sure the cover would rip at some point, but I don't even see an abrasion yet, just a polishing smoothness.   The Carver cover is made in America, with "all" American made components, from thread to zippers and everything in between, which really shows in my durability test. 

The motor cover is made of the same durable material, fits nicely, and has a soft 1/4 inch diameter draw cord that ties the canvas on securely.  It has held up equally as well.  For the time I've had this, a bit over 2 years, it appears to be a great product that I highly recommend.  If their full boat covers are as good as these, I don't see how you can go wrong buying a Carver Cover.   Two thumbs up Carver yesyes






Carver T-Top Cover Review


Allen Applegarth is a published author and outdoor writer.   He's an avid boater and angler with over 30 years of experience in the marine industry. He is also a product designer / fabricator and experienced electronics tech, with a few medical devices designed and implemented under his accomplishments .  He owns and operates a communications and IT company providing service to many industries, from cellular tower and satellite transmission, hospital and sports arena DAS systems, and large scale commercial networks, to RFID, CCTV, Fiber optic, automation and more.   Whether it be a high-tech power load controller center, an automated series of motors and actuators, or a simple fishing rod guide, Allen's broad range of skills enables him to test products with accuracy and provide valuable insight to help consumers make informed decisions. 

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