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SKU: Signamax 24 port managed network POE switch 065-7861 POE-FP
Manufacturer: Signamax
Quick overview
  • Signamax 24 port managed network POE switch 065-7861 POE-FP
  • 24 - RJ-45 10/100/1000BaseT/TX ports supporting PoE or PoE+, including 4 Dual Media ports supporting 100/1000Base SFP slots.
  • 2 - 100/1000Base ports with SFP receptacles only. Broadcast/Multicast Storm Suppression enabled.
  • Available in 15 watt full power, and 7 watt power POE output

Signamax 24 port managed POE Switch

Being in the communications field where we have designed and installed thousands of networks over the years, we've gone through a lot of different brands of network switches. Network switches are the backbone to any network where control is needed.  Most businesses use network switches to connect computers, printers, servers, and access points, to name but a few, that transmit voice and data. The most commonly used are unmanaged and managed network switches, and as of late, POE enabled network switches have become increasingly needed to keep up with all the POE powered devices, such as phones, access points, IP cameras, etc.  In addition to transmitting voice and data, they supply power to the end device, which means we no longer need an electrician to install power near our devices.  

Years ago we tried Signamax out for the first time for several reasons.  The most important was that we wanted to find a single quality brand  that we could build around and feel secure with.  We also had some issues with other brands of switches, whether it Signamax 065-7861 POE Switchbe failures, not having the right features, software that didn't meet our clients needs, or some that just didn't meet our needs, we needed to find the perfect switch. 

Any time you switch to a new brand and install that brand into a clients network there comes with it a bit of fear.  The last thing you ever want is a switch to fail, especially when business relies upon throughput of voice and data.  I won't mention who our first client was to test the Signamax POE switch, as they might not like being the test dummy, but in all fairness, we ran the switch for several months in a high traffic environment and became well acquainted with it before we installed it. 

We've been installing Signamax network switches for many years now and have yet to see a failure, or have a client unhappy.  In fact, one of largest clients with over 100 large offices throughout the US awarded a us as their national vendor because we were the only company specing Signamax.  We were bidding on the first project, which we designed around 17 switches, not all POE of course.  The  IT department had a say in who they would select for their new vendor.  The IT team commented that our choice of switches won us the job.  I guess they knew quality as well.  To the left is the MDF consisting of 2 Signamax 065-7861 POE switches and 7 Signamax 065-7861 non POE switches. The rest of the Signamax switches are located in IDF 1 and 2. 

The Signamax 065-7861 POE network switch is very well designed in all aspects.  We are certainly not IT gurus by any means, simply meaning that we rarely get into dialing in a switch using every feature available within the Signamax POE switch, as that's for the IT junkies that eat, sleep, and breath network control and maintenance. We design the systems, install them, set the basic configurations for proper stacking, access, security, routing, etc., and then hand it off to the IT masters.  It has served all of our needs, our clients needs, and has performed to the highest of standards, and we have yet to have one of these Signamax POE switched returned with hundreds in the field.  

We install a ton of IP camera systems throughout the US, as well as access points and many other POE usable devices, and the Signamax 065-7861 POE switch has handles everything we've thrown at it.  Many of our projects require a wide array of connections over the switch, such as running typical voice and data along with IP cameras and access points.  This network switch provides 500 watts total for POE and switch operations, with 15.4 watts available across all 24 ports, or 30 watts across 12 ports.  It can handle your needs, and handle them with the best of em'. 

The Signamax 065-7861 POE is an enterprize level switch that you can feel secure in using, and know that your clients will thank you.  In my opinion, it ranks right up there with Cisco's enterprize switches.      

Rather than reiterating all the details of the switch, as Signamax has done a great job of detailing every aspect of the switch, you can find them here >>> Signamax 065-7861 POE Switch



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